Sunday, June 06, 2010

1933 and 2010 Concentration

What if we drilled down on the 1929-1933 $DJI Era what would we see?

Well the Gestalt view (looking at the whole) last 7 plus decades, probably not much, but when you look at the period of 1929-1933 you have to ask yourself does this relate to our current situation?

Are we at the beginning or the end?  Is 2010 = 1931 or is it = 1937?  My hunch is that this is more like 1931.

The market at that time was equivalent to a 37 story building (10ft=1 Story).  FYI, the tallest building at the at that time was 48 stories (The NY Mercantile). 

A fall of a 37 story building was just as deadly as it is today, except the buildings being built today are well in excess of 100 stories, one of the the tallest buildings being planned is in excess of 160 stories.  Yes you guessed it.... in Dubai! I guess the extra stories gives you more time to think about how you got to where you were and where you are going.   


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