Choice Stocks - Insider Trading Levels and Fibonacci Support Resistance

Check out Apple holding it's own on the success of the iPad or is it.  The amount of insider selling might saying something entirely different.  Check it out!

This is a chart for Pepsi - Hey Joe This One's For you! - As you can see by the Fibonacci lines drawn PEP is poised to perhaps go higher, and if it does it will likely break $68 perhaps even $70, the caveat being the enormous amount of insider selling.  Definately something to consider when you think of going long.  That Fibonacci line offering resistance is a pretty hard line so if you've been in for a while best to lighten your load.  For you information these charts are provided by Prophet Charts via the Think Or Swim. 

This is a chart for Wells Fargo, notice the extreme amount of insider selling!  This is pretty characteristic of many mainstream stocks that are close to extreme levels of insider selling.  Above the zero line = buying below is selling.  Below is the WFC chart with Fibonacci lines showing confluence, between 33.25-34.07.  Given the amount of time it has spent at this level if it breaks above it will go to $35+ in short order.  However, with sentiment on this stock being at a very high level for sometime, the pace of insider selling and the overall bearish stance of the US equities markets it doesn't look promising.

If you like my analysis of these stocks and would like for me to do a cost effective analysis for yours drop me a note.  WT


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