Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun with Google Search Trends

The week before last I was writing an article about the What the Rebound in the Art Market Signals, in which I utilized a tool Google provides which enables one to input "keywords" to check on their search and news relevancy.  It helped to make my point that the strength in the Art Market signaled a top in the market and what was likely to follow was a decline in the major averages. 

I decided to revisit the Google trends tool this weekend and try some different search terms for fun and curiousity, and here is what I came up with.  The one you see above is "Bull Market vs Bear Market, I was struck as to how the previous spikes seemed to jibe with the past in terms of the market's performance.  What was also fascinating was the recent sharp divergence of the two terms in what I am guessing is the last couple of weeks. 

Apparently there is a higher incidence of bear market in peoples thinking as least in terms of their search habits.  It is also interesting to note the cities (mostly major american metropolis') and that the news relevency on "bear market" just sprouted.  Clearly the news reporting hasn't quite caught up to what's on peoples' minds... yet. 

Here is another Bear vs Bull vs Market Correction...

Market correction doesn't really seem to get a lot of play at least in the search terms, but in terms of news relavency it's always in the mix.

Debt vs. Credit Crisis is interesting as well I caught myself looking at this chart thinking to first comes credit then comes debt them comes... err...  paying off your debt?

I was hunting around perhaps for some other ideas about clear signals, and found the "happiness" ones to be even more fascinating.  I don't even know what to make of it, but it would appear that happiness is escalating despite the nearly full mail bag of bad news coming each day.  The last one "happy" vs. "sad" was intrguing because of the consistent spike in "happy" around the holidays.  Must be the search for the killer Happy New Year's Party!


"Happiness" vs. "Sadness"

"Happy" vs. "Sad"

Have some fun with Google search Trends yourself and amaze your friends and family.  You can try it here, and if you think you came up with something tradeable, be sure to let us know, or you come up with an interesting search trend result, share it in the comments.

Fun With Google Search Trends


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