Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CHART OF THE DAY - Sunstone Hotel Investors - SHO

Here is just a quick snapshot of SHO Sunstone Hotel Investors.  I have two charts here one showing the weekly trend with Fibonacci S&R lines and a daily trend with a bearish channel triangle.  The key here is that SHO is at a vulnerable point here with the Market as a whole in a bearish mood.  SHO will likely breakdown even further.  Two items though lend me to believe this will hang tough.  1. Overall positive insider trading average -- even though it stopped over the last week-- and 2.  The major Fibonacci confluence at the $10.23-10.40 range makes a great support level and good entry point.  The round number 10.00 is a natural stop.  This stock has a nice Beta of 3.11, and daily average volume of over 1MM shares.  The PC Ratio is 0.5 indicating that it is still not a good time to go long, yet.  No Positions cause I am flat every day:-)



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