Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome curious onlookers, naysayer’s or seekers of truth, redemption and the pursuit of a great trade. In this BLOG, I plan to share my lessons learned with new traders so that you may avoid the pitfalls that I encountered. My First Goal is to educate struggling new traders or folks thinking about trading, fulltime. Second, is to discuss what I have learned so I can do it better. I have a trading account that contains on any given day $2,000 which allows me to trade on margin with my broker. With this modest amount I am able to turn that capital over 1.5 X per month, meager yes. I can do this with 15 “day trades” per month. My short term goal is to achieve capital turnover of 2.5 XPM. At this level of “Tradecraft” I will be able to fund a second account which I have opened so that I can consistently day trade two accounts. My long term goal is to earn/raise enough capital to pursue algorithmic high frequency trading using what I have learned. There will be two threads to follow in this BLOG. #1. What you need to START. #2. What you need to WIN. I share my most recent trading experience so that everyone can laugh applaud or shake their head along with me:-)


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Ron Bass said...

It will be interesting to follow these two threads. Hopefully I will find myself applauding...


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